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Signature Pickles

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Chilli Pickle

The Suvidha Chilli Pickle is the perfect companion for every meal! You can eat it with your akki rottis or parathas or straight from the bottle if you truly dare. The tang and spice from the pickle will nicely compliment every dish while adding just a bit of spice to it.

I have always been a sucker for spice and anytime anyone made a chilli pickle, I would eagerly taste some. From store bought, to homemade, I found something lacking in all the chilli pickles I had tasted so I decided to make one of my own that could satisfy my taste buds.

My children graciously indulged me, trying multiple batches of sub-par pickles until we stumbled upon this signature recipe that is sure to leave you gobsmacked!

Haagalkaayi Gojju

My signature Haagalkaayi gojju recipe marries the nutty bitterness of haagalkaayi (bitter gourd) with the sweet, tangy, spicy intensity of the gojju gravy to create a symphony on your tongue.

Haagalkaayi boasts of many health benefits. It contains very high levels of Vitamin A and C content and is believed to have the ability to reduce blood sugar* levels in diabetic patients.

This dish is perfect for anyone who wishes to reap the rewards of the bitter gourd without subjecting your palate with its overwhelming bitterness.

In our house, a bowl of mosaru anna (curd rice) or a plate of dosas is incomplete without this gojju.

Lemon Pickle

The Suvidha signature spicy Lemon pickle is made with locally sourced mangai-inji, crispy green peppers, spicy green chillies, fresh ground red chilli powder and the tangiest of lemons. This is a traditional recipe passed down to me from my own mother who would spend the months leading up to the summer pickling the lemons from our farm.

My siblings and I would welcome summertime by fighting over the biggest pieces of lemon to suck on straight from the jar.

The spicy tangy burst of the Suvidha Lemon pickle will perfectly accompany a bowl of cold mosaru anna (curd rice) and even flaky, buttery parathas.

Raw Tamarind Rasa

This Raw Tamarind Pickled Rasa is a very old recipe that has been passed down through generations in my family.

We crush raw tamarind and mix it with red/green chilli, dash of methi and mustard to produce the perfect rasa that’s both hot and sour. Your taste buds will rejoice and we promise it’ll leave you licking your fingers in a way that some people may disapprove of, but we thoroughly encourage.

We recommend treating this like any other pickle! You can eat it with dosas, akki rotti, parathas and chapatis or even mix it with some hot rice and ghee.

Sweet Lemon Pickle

The recipe for this Sweet Lemon Pickle came about completely serendipitously. One of our clients, a marwadi woman living in Bangalore, really missed her mother’s traditional sweet lemon pickle. Unable to find it in any shop, she came to me with a custom request.

So I created this special recipe and made just one bottle for her, to fulfil her hunger for nostalgia. Little did I know just how popular it would become. Soon orders began pouring in and so here it is: the Suvidha signature (surprise) Sweet Lemon Pickle.

This perfectly pairs hot chappatis and flaky parathas.

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