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Maavinkayi Gojju

The art of gojju making involves perfectly balancing contradictory sweet—sour—spicy flavours to create a complex tangy gravy. This is a skill I have perfected over the years and the Suvidha mango gojju is a traditional Kannadiga recipe passed down to me from my mother.

What sets this gojju apart from the other store bought ones is the use of the specific breed of mangoes, fresh jaggery and dry coconut.

This can be eaten along with dosas, chappatis and curd rice but personally I love ladling the gojju onto hot rice with just a dollop of melted ghee. The aroma itself will transport you straight to summertime at your grandmother’s house.

Maavinkayi Thokku

The Suvidha Maavinkayi thokku is made with grated raw mangoes and fresh ground chilli powder. While a mango pickle includes raw ingredients that are preserved together, and over time, chemically react with each other to produce the tangy–spicy taste we love, a thokku is actually cooked low and slow over a flame to produce rich and complex flavours that will blow you away as soon as you taste it.

This is a traditional south Indian thokku recipe that has been passed down to me from my mother. My daughter’s love for spicy food began when she first tasted this thokku and immediately smacked her tongue in delight.

In the summer months, a bowl of cold mosaru anna (curd rice) is incomplete without this delectably spicy companion. You can also eat it with hot crispy dosas and a dollop of ghee.

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Mango Chunda

Our Product of the season is the Mango Chunda. This preserve recipe was originally given to me by my Gujarati neighbours who prepared every summer. I still remember tasting it for the first time and being blown away by how one dish could blend contradictory sweet—spicy—sourness to create the perfect harmonious burst of flavours.

Over the years I’ve added my own magic to the recipe to create the perfect Indian mango preserve. Suvidha’s chunda is made with grated raw mango, sugar, fresh ground chilli powder and special spices that truly set it apart from any store bought pickle or jam.

It’s best eaten as a side dish or as a spread. Whenever my daughters had early flights to catch, they would always make sure to carry chapati rolls or bread slices generously smeared with this jammy spread.

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Raw Mango Upinkayi

Nothing is more synonymous with Indian summertime than fat juicy mangoes and for decades now, my sisters and I have welcomed the season every year by making our signature batch of raw mango uppinkayi (raw mango pickle).

Suvidha’s uppinkayi is prepared with specially procured Amlet mangoes grown in South India. It’s distinct salty–spicy–sour flavour is soaked up thoroughly by big chinks of this juicy mango making every bite memorable.

My daughters love eating the uppinjayi with chapati and dosas but for the ultimate culinary experience, we recommend adding a spoonful to your curd rice and slurping it up with every bite.

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