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I am Neeladevi, a 65-year-old mother of 2 daughters. Cooking has been my passion ever since I was young. Some of my earliest memories involve helping my mother as she cooked for my 7 siblings and I. Our entire house in Pillekerenahalli, a village in central Karnataka, would swell with the aroma of her latest creation.

I had the luxury of growing up eating the flavourful, nutritious food, cooked using the freshest ingredients, straight from the farm. When I became a mother, I wanted my daughters to grow up eating healthy, tasty food, just as I had. I recreated the recipes passed down to me from my mother and developed many of my own along the way.

After a lot of encouragement from my daughters I decided to share my food with the world. Each Suvidha Ruchi recipe contains tradition, science, a little bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of love.

Now, I get to do what brings me the most joy—feeding people tasty food.

It is my pleasure to welcome you into my kitchen, my happy place, and proudly share my food with you!

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