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Instant Rasam Mix

Gone are the days of labouring over your stove to brew the perfect pot of rasam.

With our Instant Rasam Mix, even someone with the culinary skills to boil water will be able to produce a rasam that would make even their ajji proud.

I developed this recipe when my second daughter moved to another city for her job. Knowing how busy, and homesick she would be, living away from her family for the first time, I sent her a packet of this mix to tide her through hurried mornings and lonely nights.

You can prepare a plain rasam by just adding this powder to boiling water but I recommend adding some tomato chunks or pulp for added flavour.

Rasam Powder

The Suvidha Rasam Powder is a staple family soul-food recipe that will help you recreate the taste of amman kayyin saaru.

With a perfect balance of tangy and spicy, the rasam you prepare with this powder will clear out blocked sinuses and make you smack your tongue in delight.

I still remember my father sipping it directly from a tumbler before slurping it up with rice and we recommend you do the same for the ultimate culinary experience.

I personally enjoy adding this to the various types of rasams I make—be it tomato, tamarind, channa stock or even lemon rasam.

Sambar Powder

This is not just a sambar powder.

This is the magic ingredient which will transform an ordinary sambhar you make into an unforgettable culinary adventure for anyone who tastes it.

This recipe was passed down to me from my mother who learnt it from her mother. I still remember watching her as she would gather the fresh spices from the village market, carefully measure it with a keen eye and pound it into a fine powder with the pestle and mortar.

Just a spoonful could transform a pot of vegetables, tamarind pulp, dal and turmeric into a divine sambar you’ll find yourself slurping down hungrily.

I often prepare this with watery vegetables like pumpkin and bottle gourds, leafy greens like amaranth or even kitchen staples like potato and onion!

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