Suvidha Special Hittu


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Our Suvidha Special Hittu is high on protein, iron and vitamins, providing you with the nutrition and energy you need to power through dreary days!

I make this flour by combining 4 millets, 4 grains and 4 pulses. This is an ideal super food suitable for breakfast or even your pre or post workout meal.

When I underwent knee surgery a few months ago, doctors had advised me to include a protein rich diet to recuperate faster. I developed this powder recipe after consulting with my physiotherapist. I used it to make rotti, dosa and even thalipeet by mixing it with veggies and water as per the requirement.

This ended up becoming a pre/post workout food for my youngest daughter who is a dancer and actor and by default needs highly nutritious food. Even my granddaughter loves the rotti I make with this powder!

Added note: This is suitable for senior citizens as well.

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