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To all parents out there whose children refuse to eat vegetables, or who’re just struggling to include a variety of vegetables in their children’s diets- I present to you my All Purpose Palya Pudi!

When my children were younger, I realised that the masalas (chilli powder, garam masala etc.) I was adding to my palyas (vegetable side dishes), were probably too harsh for their tender stomachs. The taste too was getting monotonous. So I came up with the recipe for this pudi which includes roasted channa dal powder for added protein.

Adding just 1 ½ spoons of this pudi will take your dry roast palyas to a whole new level. We recommend using this for aloo palya, beans palya, kovakkai palya to name a few.

We endearingly call it All Purpose Pudi at home because it can even be used as an alternative to sambhar powder if you’ve run out.

This was a staple in my daughter’s kitchen when she was living alone and working long and exhausting hours and needed to throw together a quick yet tasty meal!

Instructions to use:

  • Once you have prepared the plain fried vegetables of your choice, add 1½ to 2 tablespoons of the palya pudi along with some salt and mix thoroughly
  • Additionally, you can add a pinch of jaggery or sugar along with some desiccated coconut for added flavour!
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