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I developed the recipe for this puliyogare pudi to recreate the exact taste of the temple prasada puliyogare that we all love!

Growing up, my mother would make sure that our kitchen always had either the puliyogare pudi or paste, ready to use! No picnic was complete without a box of the flavourful tamarind rice.

I first started selling it in small batches when I moved to Bangalore more than a decade ago. Almost immediately it became a neighbourhood favourite and people would come over to buy it often!

Since it doesn’t spoil easily, and can be prepared instantly with very little effort, puliyogare as a dish is travel friendly and every bachelor’s best friend.

We recommend adding a few toasted peanuts and channa dal for the added crunch!

Instructions to use:

  • Once you have roasted some peanuts along with your base oggarane*, add 1½ to 2 tablespoons** of the puliyogare pudi and fry it lightly in the oil over a medium flame
  • Add the boiled rice to this mixture and fold through thoroughly
  • Additionally, you can add some desiccated coconut for added flavour!

*Base oggarane: Mustard seeds, split urad dal, hing, dry red chillies, curry leaves

**1½ tablespoons per cup of raw rice used which can be altered as per your spice tolerance

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